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Walter "Matt" Jefferies was born on August 12th 1921.
Tributes to Matt Jefferies

Crew of the Starship Enterprise.

"Walter 'Matt" Jefferies, the visionary designer of the original Star Trek, that guy who put standard divergent shapes together, saucer and nacelle, creating something that has remained supernaturally fresh for more the 35 years. Aviator, artist, historian, and wonderful, gentle, human being. My mind boggles when I weigh the influence that he has had on my life as a designer and as a person."
Doug Drexler, Star Trek Art Dept., Paramount Pictures

" I was lucky enough to meet Matt as I have been a fan of his for years and years. As for my involvement in Star Trek, I worked on the pilot for the Voyager Series. Decades later I was visual effects supervisor for the DVD re-do of the original Star Trek film.It was here that I got to see Matt's drawings of the Enterprise refit for Trek II (which became the movie). For Matt's biography I rendered a sketch to compliment a story line."Daren Dochterman, Production Illustrator, Conceptual Designer

"Matt Jefferies' quiet modesty was belied by the genius of his work which set the path for all of us who are lucky enough to follow in his very large footsteps. Today, nearly five decades later, Matt's Enterprise still stands as a design classic."
Michael Okuda, Graphic Art Supervisor, Star Trek
Mike Okuda is an avid Matt Jefferies fan. Mike was gracious enough to design an appropriate patch as a graphic tribute to Matt.

Mike Okuda designed this emblem illustrating the WACO flying "Beyond the Clouds."
Walter "Matt" Jefferies Died on July 21st 2003.
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