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Matt Jefferies enlists in the Aircorps on September 14th 1941.
Aviation Historian and Illustrator

Matt standing in front of his restored WACO.
Perfection in drawing and painting aircraft requires a keen knowledge of the aircraft and a basic understanding of aerodynamics.The forces of thrust, lift, weight and drag and the characteristics of roll, pitch and yaw are factors the artist must take into consideration when applying his brush to a canvas. Equally important are color, scenery, clouds, terrain, and bodies of water as they serve to provide a proper backdrop for a subject aircraft. The artist is challenged to depict a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface.
Matt's favorite bit of advice when asked was: "If you can't paint really good clouds, leave them out!"
The Flyin' Frolic
The year was 1918, aviation was only 15 years old and the end of World War I combat was a couple of days away. Rational exuberance called for a celebration the likes of which Dallas had never seen. Love Field, which had served as an aviation training center during the war, decided to host a "Flyin' Frolic" event to signal the end of the Great War. It was to include an aerobatic display that included simulated bombing runs and aerial combat as well as tailspins and loops such as the Immelmann, falling leaf and barrel roll, all presented by the men stationed there.
The event was to be held Friday and Saturday, Nov. 8 and 9, but rain caused it to be rescheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 12 and 13. The new dates were weekdays, but a crowd of 20,000 turned out anyway.

The painting which Matt contributed for display at the Pentagon depicts three Curtiss JN-4 'Jenny' biplanes in flight formation during the Flyin' Frolic.
Matt is awarded the Prestigious Air Medal for his service in WWII on April 26th 1943.
The Flyin' Frolic continued:

This painting depicts Lt. William T. Campbell executing 169 consecutive loop-the-loops, setting a world record.
Lt. William T. Campbell executed 169 consecutive loop-the-loops on the first morning, setting a world record. That exploit was followed by an aerial acrobatic exhibition. Not only did it include a bombing raid, aerial combat, parachute jump and night aerial aerobatics with fireworks, the event also included a pushball game and land boat race. On Wednesday, the event started with an aerial aerobatic exhibition, then segued into a one-hour football contest between Love Field and Wesleyan University plus a parachute jump, a night bombing raid and more fireworks. The Love Field hangars had roller skating, minstrel acts, live jazz, dancing, war relics, food and exhibits about the war. On top of Hangar 6, visitors could listen to a wireless telephone. In the Pigeon Tent, you could send a message home by carrier pigeon.

Fast-forward to the present, where that almost-forgotten event has found new relevance through the art of an aviation historian who never lived in Dallas. The late Walter "Matt" Jefferies is survived by a brother in Dallas, Richard L. Jefferies. Richard, author of "Beyond the Clouds", has reproductions of three of Matt's paintings of the 1918 event, including the historic aerial display by Lt. Campbell. Richard has donated the reproductions to the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

Matt's Associations and Mentoring
Life member No 1 American Aviation Historical Society
American Society of Aviation Artists
Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, CA.
American Writers Association
Experimental Aircraft Association
Angeles Antiquers, Los Angeles, CA.
American WACO Club Inc.
301st Bomb Group/Wings Association.

Matt Jefferies holding court at an American Society of Aviation Artists forum.
Aviation and Aviation Art recognition:
October 23, 1956 - Honorary Blue Angel (U.S. Navy)
July 1978 - Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Achievement Award in art competition.
Dec. 1978 - Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Achievement Award for WACO YOC cabin plane restoration.
1986 - American Aviation Historical Society- Annual artist award for "High Hats" painting.
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