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Star Trek the Movie premiered December 7th 1979
Set Designing in Hollywood

Matt Matt at work in the Desilu art department.
Designing sets which are compatible with the story line of each episode of a TV series is a daunting task. One cannot design an appropriate set without having first read the writer's manuscript. Often, the set designer must personally meet with the writer to gain insight into how a set should accurately reflect his intentions.
Star Trek
Fixed or semi-permanent sets were limited to the interior of the Enterprise...the Bridge, Engineering, Sick Bay, Captain Quarters, etc. All others were specifically designed for each episode. It was a collaborative effort of the writer and the set designer.

The Obelisk design from the show "Paleface".
Walter "Matt" Jefferies was nominated for an Academy Award for outstanding achievement in art direction and scenic design for Star Trek episode #78 which aired March 14th 1969
Little House on the Prairie

Projected modifications for Hansen's Mill.
Little House on the Prairie- A designer of sets for a period show like "Little House" had at his disposal a wellspring of historical images to work with...old photographs, sketches, and artifacts. Accuracy of set design requires a thorough researching of each setting. Example: In the 1880s were carpenter nails square or round? For an answer read the book!
Awards and Honors:
1968-69- National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences: Academy Award Nomination
Outstanding achievement in art direction and scenic design for Star Trek episode:
"All our Yesterdays" NBC March 14, 1969
Nov. 7, 2001- Star Trek auction launch partry, Profiles in History, Hollywood, CA.
Presented to: Walter "Matt" Jefferies
"In recognition of his extraordinary talent and equally extraordinary character.
Fantasticon's Shooting Star Award
Presented to Walter "Matt" Jefferies
"In recognition and appreciation of your timeless artistic talents which helped to create the American icon that is Star Trek."

Matt's Feature Film & TV career included the following productions:
Date Production Studio Contribution
1956 Towards the Unknown Warner Bros. Technical Advisor
1957 Bombers B-52 Warner Bros. Set Designer
1958 Old Man and the Sea Warner Bros. Teshnical Drawings
1959 The Wreck of the Mary Deare Warner Bros. Set Designer
1960 The Crowded Sky Warner Bros. Set Designer
1960 The Untouchables Desilu/Paramount Set Designer
1963 Ben Casey Desilu Studios Set Designer
1965 Star Trek Desilu/Paramount Set Designer/Art Director
1966 Mission Impossible Desilu/Paramount Set Designer
1969 Love American Style Paramount Art Director
1970 Catch 22 Paramount Set Designer
1974 Little House on the Prairie MGM Art Director
1981 Father Murphy MGM Art Director
1984 Dallas Lorimar Art Director
1986 Riptide Cannell Productions Art Director
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